Here are some of the top benefits of using social media For Retial Business

While the main reasons for social media are greatly understood, many retailers do not know exactly the key benefits of social media marketing for retailing businesses. There are some well-known benefits and some less understood. Retailers must have a presence on social media channels these days. Learn here why and how it benefits.

People spend hours per day on social media. It is a way of life now. Individuals and companies expand their visibility and reach online through social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, LinkedIn, and others. And the statistics is obviously astonishing. According to SMT, the average person will spend 116 minutes (nearly two hours) on social media everyday, which totals at 5 years and 4 months spent over a lifetime.

Increases trust amongst consumers and vendors. One of the main key benefits of social media marketing is the increase in trust amongst consumers and vendors. Social media quickly introduces a brand to potential customers, vendors, and partners. It shows a digital footprint of the brand and its communication. It is a convenient way for anyone to do their due diligence on a brand. Properly managed social media channels can give the right impression. The opposite is true as well.

Improves brand awareness and online visibility. Social media improves brand awareness of any size of company, especially startup brands. Retailers that want to improve brand awareness can quickly do so through social media channels such as Facebook or image driven platforms such as Instagram. Videos on social media channels are the most effective. Frequently published content of relevance, quality, and uniqueness can go viral and quickly improve visibility for a brand.

Increase in online sales and conversion rates. Social media channels are becoming e-commerce platforms. Most of them will probably offer shopping cart and e-commerce solutions such as Facebook already does. Now brands have the ability to advertise products sold on highly trusted social media platforms that consumers already trust. The conversion rate from staying on these platforms to complete a purchase can be drastic. Incentives and promotions can be quickly published to increase sales further and conversion rates.

Improving customer service and relations. Another main benefit of social media is the improvement of customer service and relations. Consumers like to interact on social media. They ask questions, give feedback, leave reviews and much more. Interacting with a consumer base on social media, improves customer service for a brand. Retailers should frequently communicate with their desired audience and use the tools social media channels provide.

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